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Marketing is crucial in promoting Norfolk as a holiday destination. So what have we been up to?

New signage Weavers' Way

We are installing new, improved and branded signage along the Weavers’ Way and Paton Way, helping both residents and visitors find their way better on the ground. Some businesses have even paid a little extra to have signage on our trails pointing towards their business!

Map PDFsWebsite Improvements

To improve access to information, we have been working through COOL to improve our website.To date, we have created new pages for both the Weavers’ Way and Paston Way showcasing the trails, their heritage and options for exploring them.  You can also download PDF maps of linear sections, both short and long, as well as circular routes. Finally, we’ve been working on our Interactive Map. Using this, visitors and residents can search for local walks in the area – and even see businesses in the area!

Videos and Advertising

Working with Visit Norfolk, we’ve commissioned a professional video to be produced all about exploring Norfolk via our network. This will be featured on the Visit Britain website, Visit Britain TV Channel and Visit Norfolk  As well as participating in cross channel marketing campaigns within the partnership which focus on walking, cycling, heritage, food and drink and medieval architecture.

Joint publications

We have worked with COOL partners to produce themed marketing materials that promote the partnership areas. One example is the ‘La Somme Medievale’ brochure that promotes medieval architecture.

Download the brochure: SOMME MÉDIÉVALE 10

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