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Ghosts older than war: a walk in Norfolk woods

Sarah Tanburn's blog

IMG_1266Any walk, well-taken, is full of hints and echoes, whispers if what was and what might be. The woods of Stow Bedon and Brecks of Thompson Common are hardly on the wild side, yet I walked for over two hours and saw just three human souls. Bracken, the British fern, stretched under oak and birch. Crows hunted and jays cracked while in occasional gardens smaller birds sang as if spring was still here. An enormous orange hornet on the path wrestled with a stick like a determined terrier. Angry dogs with grey round their muzzles guarded drowsy farms and the serried barns of pigs.  I found blackberries and Bishop-Barnabies, and lots of spiny cases but no conkers. (I am looking for conkers as I gIMG_1264ather spiders avoid them, a useful tip this year for arachnophobes, though the science is dodgy.)

It is softly haunted, this empty bit of Norfolk. The Stanford…

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This entry was posted on October 7, 2014 by in Community Blog Posts.

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